The 10 minute on site test for microbial contamination in fuel


NEW immunoassay technology to fuel testing

FUELSTAT® sets new standards in microbial contamination protection.
This ground-breaking solution vastly outperforms all other testing methods.

  • Ultra simple test that requires 4 drops of sample
  • Test only takes 10 minutes opposed to 4-7 days!
  • No risk of cross contamination
  • Proven track record in medical fields for simplicity, accuracy and reliability
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Latest technology fuel testing solution

FUELSTAT® complies with ASTM D8070 Global Standard
Over 150,000 FUELSTAT® tests used per year
Used by over 400 Commercial Airlines
Used by world's leading fuel suppliers globally

Tried - Tested - Trusted

Microbial contamination

causes massive unplanned costs and disruption

Microbial contamination

Catastrophic effects such as blocked fuel systems, damaged fuel probes and corroded tanks

Repair and replacement costs can be $millions if left to develop.

Disruption to use of assets can cause substantial operational problems

Potential safety of life and environmental impacts mean considerable risk to any fuel user or supplier