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Conidia今天宣布与Allied eParts (China) Co. Ltd (浩获通贸易(上海)有限公司) 签署合作协议。Allied eParts (China) Co. Ltd是新加坡Allied eParts Pte Ltd子公司,主营海事雷达配件及其他海事产品。Conidia主要从事研发,生产及销售燃料微生物污染检测套件,广泛应用于航空,海事及柴油机行业。

得益于Allied eParts (AEP),Conidia将会为中国海事各领域提供燃料微生物污染检测方案。这是Conidia在中国区签署的直接分销合作协议,也将成为Conidia合作伙伴系统中的战略重点。

“海洋工业一直面临着检测和预防燃料微生物污染的挑战,并且这个问题有可能持续影响业务的正常运行。为此,我们将提高对中国市场的关注,我们很高兴能与AEP合作为海事领域提供完整的燃料质量管理解决方案。我们将共同去满足市场的需求”, – Patrick Taylor,Conidia技术销售总监


-Anne Tan,AEP中国总经理


Hatteland Display海事显示器、AC Antennas海事天线,Entel海事对讲机,FHF信号和通信设备,MEDC危险区域通信设备和Novega信标,这些品牌都是制造船舶通信关键通信和定位装置。







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Conidia Announces New Partnership with Allied eParts (China) Co. Limited

Conidia today announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Allied eParts (China) Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Allied eParts PTE Limited, that specialise in the distribution of marine radar spares and other marine products. Conidia develop, manufacture and sell microbial contamination fuel test kits into aviation, marine and land diesel sectors.

With the addition of Allied eParts (AEP), Conidia will be able to offer microbial fuel detection solutions for a wide variety of marine applications in China. The agreement is Conidia’s first direct distribution agreement in China and forms part of the company’s strategy to focus on investment in its partner ecosystem.

“The marine industry continuously faces the challenge of detecting and preventing microbial contamination in fuel. This problem has the potential to affect business throughout the year. As we set to increase our presence in China, we are delighted to be partnering with AEP for the distribution of our marine solutions. AEP is perfectly positioned to provide best-in-class solutions in fuel quality management. Together we are in a position to cater to what the market is looking for”, said Patrick Taylor, Technical Sales Director, Conidia.

“At Allied eParts, we believe in providing our customers with not only a wide range of products, but an excellent service as well. Our collaboration with Conidia is a testament of our strong market position and we will be offering a full value added service to Conidia including, pre sales, post sales, training, and new business generation.”, said Anne Tan , General Manager, AEP China.

AEP are also the appointed distributor of Hatteland Display, AC Antenna, Entel Marine Radio, FHF signalling and communication equipment, MEDC Hazardous Area Communication and Novega beacon, all of which manufacture critical marine communication and location devices.

About Conidia

Conidia is an internationally recognized company within the Bioscience sector. The Fuelstat® range of rapid testing kits for the detection of microbial contamination in fuels can be used throughout the supply chain.  Testing is applicable to aviation, marine and land environments, wherever kerosene or diesel is used, stored or transported. (


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