Conidia and Satair present an Aircraft Fuel Testing Training Seminar in Moscow 2015

Aviation Fuel Test Kit | Conidia Bioscience

We pride ourselves in offering hands on support to our distributor network, the team at Conidia are looking forward to support Satair with an exclusive training session to selective customers in Moscow this month.

The presentation will give an insight as to why an efficient fuel husbandry regime is imperative to aircraft maintenance. This training session is supported with imagery of fuel contamination and the results if unchecked from case studies worked on in the field by the experts at Conidia Bioscience.
There will be demonstrations of FUELSTAT® which will give the audience the opportunity to gauge a full understanding of how FUELSTAT® will reduce operational costs and save downtime within their operation.

Conidia invitation_fuel stat_satair

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