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Conidia Support

Conidia’s team of scientists and engineers are ready to answer customer fuel care questions as they arise via email or phone 01491 829102.

Conidia’s engineering team can offer onsite support to organisations as they evaluate or re-assess their contamination testing requirements. Post-sales support, to assist with staff training, is a notable feature of Conidia’s commitment to quality and customer care.

Conidia’s scientists, as industry leading fuel care experts, are always keen to hear about on site experience. Matching experiential data with laboratory results moves forward understanding and stimulates product improvement and informs the R&D programme. This process has already triggered the quest for an SRB test.

The team is ready to undertake simple or complex consultancy roles. The first stage after an enquiry is normally an exploratory meeting, followed by a no obligation quote. Please email sales in the first instance.