A major repair and maintenance organisation (MRO) in Asia identified that their current procedure to meet the requirements to test samples for fuel contamination within 24 hours, often required workers to come in at weekends. his was greatly inconvenient for workers and a high salary cost for the MRO.

The samples were taken in the aircraft hangars and sent at high cost to the central workshop. Samples taken on Thursday, Friday and Saturday were often a huge problem.

The MRO was also frustrated that results were taking several days and that the central workshop, used for many purposes, could represent a source of cross contamination raising doubt into the integrity of the results.

The Solution

FUELSTAT® testing kits were introduced as the solution and offered several instant benefits;
FUELSTAT® tests were able to be carried out instantly by non-skilled workers in the hangar meaning that the central laboratory was now not required to do this testing. This eliminated the weekend working situation and resulting costs and freed up resource for more skilled and valuable work.
FUELSTAT® utilising Bioscience technology at the forefront of current knowledge cannot be cross contaminated even in the harshest, dirtiest environments which means that risk of wrong results was also eliminated.

The Outcome

FUELSTAT® has made a significant contribution to the MRO from a technical, commercial and human resource standpoint whilst improving its safety position.

FUELSTAT® gives easy to interpret results (Green/Amber/Red traffic light system) in 10 minutes in the hangar freeing up an estimated 1000 man hours of resource in the central workshop and meaning that potentially contaminated aircraft were not flying awaiting results – an outcome that the management were very happy with.

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