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Conidia is expanding rapidly into the land and marine diesel sectors, with the FUELSTAT® resinae Plus fuel system test. The onsite fuel test can be actioned wherever fuel is manufactured, stored, distributed or used and is capable of detecting all known organisms which grow in fuel and in fuel systems.

FUELSTAT®  resinae Plus test


Diesel and the ‘Diesel Bug’

corroded tank from the diesel bug Corrosion

Diesel bug microbes thrive wherever there is food and water. Fuel storage, dispensing and some vehicle fuel systems are therefore dream homes for diesel bug bacteria, yeasts and moulds. The trend towards greener fuels is creating pressure to further reduce sulphur and increase biofuel content. Sulphur kills bugs and biofuels attract additional water, so changing fuel specifications are set to make diesel fuel an increasingly diesel bug friendly environment. Diesel bugs which grow unchecked can block fuel filters, and cause injection problems. They are so corrosive that over time, they can damage the structural integrity of the tank and injectors

Effects of the Diesel Bug;

  • Blocked Filters
  • Engine Failure
  • Exhaust Emissions
  • Corrosion Damage
  • Expensive Repairs
  • Increased Fuel Consumption

biomass found in diesel fuel system Biomass