Based on extensive research, Conidia Bioscience Recommends:

NOTE: Each user should define their own policy on test frequency and actions following a positive test result.
1. Low Positive Result. The fuel should be treated as soon as possible. Treatments include the application of a biocide, passing the fuel through a UV light device, the use of a centrifuge, filters or fuel conditioning additives (i.e. water removal products).
2. High Positive Result. The fuel tank should be drained and cleaned as soon as is practicable. The replacement fuel in the tank should then be treated.
3. After Treatment. The fuel tank should be retested 7 to 10 days after treatment to ensure that the action taken was totally effective. If the retest returns a Low or a High Positive result then the tank should be drained and cleaned as for a High Positive Result. The contamination may have stuck to the tank surfaces, most probably above the current fuel level.
4. General. If the detection test shows contamination from H Res, bacteria or fungi then carry out the scheduled inspection test more often.[/expand]