Statement:- Product Launch Announcement.

I am pleased to introduce an innovative new product from Conidia Bioscience called FUELSTAT®
NEE FUELSTAT-FMD8 for Diesel Fuel and NEE FUELSTAT-FHR8-2 for Aviation Fuel.

FUELSTAT® is an on-site diagnostic test kit for early detection of microbial contamination which can lead to massive corrosion in fuel tank systems and fuel contamination.
Primary markets are
• Aviation Fuel storage tank facilities and ground fueling operators
• Diesel fuel storage and distribution terminals
• Critical service Diesel fuel supply systems – Mining, Marine, Rail, Power Generation, Remote Service
• Public sector emergency services, utilities, telecom
• Large volume diesel marketers
• Tank cleaning and fuel polishing service providers
• Petroleum and Mechanical contractors

FUELSTAT® not only provides on-site results in 10 minutes, the results can be uploaded with a free smart phone app for eliminating risk of human error or contamination, and managing central reporting and traceability of compliance for user specific accounts.

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