New Strategic Partnership in Italy with BIZETA RICAMBI snc

BIZETA RICAMBI S.N.C. | Diesel Contamination | Conidia Bioscience

Conidia Bioscience are very pleased to announce our new partnership with Italian fuel filteration specialist BIZETA RICAMBI snc


BIZETA PARTS Snc was founded as a commercial vehicle spare parts distributor in 1990.

Since 1994 agent with deposit  CEI Spa in Tre Venezie.

In the past 15 years he has acquired considerable experience in the field of fuels and their filtration, working with  Parker Hannifin Corp. and Chimec Spa .


We solve the following problems:

  • the formation of water in the tanks and cisterns
  • bacterial proliferation
  • the oxidation of diesel fuel
  • the formation of paraffins in the diesel fuel

We offer and distribute:

  • Fuel filters to control the product from the refinery to the engine

We design:

  • filtration systems for service stations and road fuel depots
  • skid for fuel transfer

We carry out:

  • advice on site to improve product quality and prevent the motor standstill or service station ahead of schedule, using analytical tools of last generation, applying the standards EN 590 and ISO 4406.
  • Fuel analysis

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