New Strategic Partnership WWD USA Group, LLC

New Strategic Partnership WWD USA Group, LLC | On Site Fuel Test | Conidia


Conidia Bioscience are very pleased to announce a new strategic partnership to join our distribution network in South America.

WWD USA Group, LLC are now suppliers of FUELSTAT FHR8-2 and FMD8 servicing the aviation and diesel markets.

View the FUELSTAT showcase.


‘WWD USA Group, LLC is a global supplier of products, services and solutions. Operating for over 25 years in various market segments, including technologies for civil and military applications. WWD USA Group, LLC  aims to provide  customers with personalized services and solutions based on continuous improvement.

WWD USA Group, LLC directs its business in five strategic divisions: AEROSPACE, DEFENSE, ELECTRONICS, ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT.

With a highly qualified team and over 25 years of experience in the  industry, WWD USA Group, LLC operates in the management and development of supply chain for technology products and engineering solutions. We can support your projects from the design to the production roll-out. ‘

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