Bizeta Ricambi S.N.C

Contact our Italian Partners Bizeta Ricambi who have considerable experience in the field of FUELSTAT®, fuels and their filtration. di Bertin C. – Vassallo R. Via Vigonovese, 81/B 35127 –…   Read More

FUELSTAT® Result App Announcement

Conidia, makers of the market leading FUELSTAT® testing kits for detection of microbial contamination in fuels, are attending IATA Aviation Fuel Forum in Saint Petersburg from May 16-18 2017. …   Read More

David Visits Gameco

David visits GAMECO an aircraft maintenance company based in Gaungzhou, Southern China along with our Global Distributor Satair to discuss the benefits of FUELSTAT®. Providing a solution where testing for microbial…   Read More

UK MoD Aviation Fuels Committee Meeting 2017

Conidia attended a two-day meeting, which the Energy Institute hosted on behalf of the Defence Strategic Fuels Authority, providing updates on aviation fuel specifications, including those for aviation turbine fuel,…   Read More