Inter-laboratory Study Comparison Demonstrates Fuel Microbial Contamination Detection Challenges РThe International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation  describe the results of two fuel microbiology ASTM test method inter-laboratory studies (ILS) РFUELSTAT Plus in compliance with ASTM D8070.

Authors: F.J. Passman, J. Kelley, P. Whalen

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We look forward to working with our new Partners FIS Chemicals joining the Conidia team with the distribution of FUELSTAT Plus.

FIS Chemicals Ltd are based in Aberdeen and they manufacture and supply maintenance and cleaning chemicals to industry and commercial operations throughout Scotland, Europe and Worldwide.

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Satair our Commercial Airline Distributor of FUELSTAT Plus shares their 9th Edition of SimplyFly Magazine.

A digital journey and transformation in relation to FUELSTAT Result Plus App!

Click on the link, watch the video and discover the initiative of digitization and integration.

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Conidia Bioscience Ltd are honoured to have received the IATA Certificate of Recognition:-


Strategic Partnership 2008 – 2018.
George Tippett our Managing Director was presented with the certificate whilst attending the IATA Aviation Fuel Forum, London –¬†May 2018.
George also participated in a presentation during the event announcing the development of the upcoming FUELSTAT fixed based microbial fuel test, more information to follow in the next few months!