We are proud to announce that over the summer our Technical Director Dr Joan Kelley was appointed Chair of the Energy Institute Microbiology Committee


The committee develops guidelines and standards for the detection, prevention and remediation of microbial contamination in fuels and lubricants, designed to be used in both upstream and downstream aspects of the petroleum industry.

Dr Kelley states: ‘After many years where fuels and microbial detection methods have changed a little, we have entered a period where they are now developing rapidly.  Biodiesels and synthetic fuels are challenging our understanding of the basics of fuel microbial ecology. Microbial Molecular Methods (MMM) can help us understand microbial ecology in ways we couldn’t imagine 10 years ago.  What was considered ‘Next Generation Sequencing’ (NGS) only 3 years ago is now virtually routine and while it will be a few more years before these techniques are developed as rapid field test methods, people are using them to understand what is happening microbiologically in the new fuels and lubricants.  The EI Microbiology Committee supports the needs of the petroleum industry and as it changes we need to change with it.  New technologies allow us to better understand the microbiology of new fuels and the EI committee will continue to translate developments into clear guidance on best practice for the industry in general.’

We are looking forward to attend the IATA Aviation Fuel Forum on May 29 – May 31 2018,

The bi-annual IATA Aviation Fuel Forum is the premier industry meeting for the world’s aviation fuel community. The Forum is a unique platform allowing airline representatives, fuel suppliers and IATA Strategic Partners to discuss the industry’s priorities and agree on actions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Hilton London Metropole – UK

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Conidia Bioscience Limited, makers of market leading fuel test FUELSTAT® Plus, The 10 Minute Test will be supporting its partner Satair, an AIRBUS Services Company

April 10 – 12, 2018

Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando, Florida


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David Mitchell will be demonstrating the new free FUELSTAT® Result app that alongside the revolutionary FUELSTAT® Plus test is the first complete end to end test for microbial contamination that both removes all the doubt from human interpretation of tests and instantly records the result without any paper.
All in less than 10 minutes, with an onsite test that anyone can do with minimal training.
FUELSTAT® is already used globally by over 300 Commercial Airlines and their MRO suppliers.
Satair, an AIRBUS Services will be at Booth 735 at the show or email David to arrange a meeting DavidM@conidia.com.

Leading Vietnamese Airline, Vietjet Air, are latest airline to have received training on the innovative new FUELSTAT® Result app from Conidia Bioscience. Training was conducted by Satair Group, Global Distributor for Commercial Aviation for all FUELSTAT® products.

Conidia Bioscience have responded to the needs of aviation operators to provide a simple but effective way of reading FUELSTAT® tests and saving the data electronically.



FUELSTAT® Result this is a free to download app available on IOS and Android (from 1st May 2018) platforms. Using well established technology from medical fields this mobile reader gives an instant result to the tester and sends the information, encrypted, securely through the web, to an airline’s dedicated portal.

FUELSTAT® Result eliminates any doubt that the test has been read incorrectly, gets the results immediately to anywhere in the World, and the data can be manipulated to analysis microbial testing results to set correct testing levels at the optimum level without any paper.

Now FUELSTAT® offers a complete end to end process for microbial testing with huge advantages to any airline or MRO

• FUELSTAT® test is the only on-site test where no special requirements for sterility or equipment are required
• The FUELSTAT® test is simple, can be learned in minutes, and takes 2 minutes to do
• FUELSTAT® gives full result in 10 minutes
• NEW FUELSTAT® Result reads test, instantly gives result in easy to read format, and sends data to Head  Office immediately

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