Dr Myrsini Chronopoulou

I am a biologist by training, specialising in the fields of Environmental Microbiology/ Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry. I was introduced to Hydrocarbon/Oil Microbiology early in my research career, when I did a project for my BSc degree (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) on the biodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in landfarm oil refinery soils.

I then did a PhD (University of Essex) focusing on the impact of crude oil on microbial communities and the role of nitrogen fixing bacteria in oil impacted marine environments. On completing my PhD, I took up various postdoctoral projects (Queen Mary University of London, University of Essex, University of Helsinki) looking into the microbiological processes and the microbial communities involved in the nitrogen and carbon cycles within marine and freshwater ecosystems. Throughout my research I have used a variety of analytical chemistry techniques and in-depth molecular analysis (e.g. high throughput sequencing) followed by bioinformatics/data analysis.

Having gained a thorough understanding of the roles and functions of microorganisms in their environment, I am keen on applying my expertise in my new role as a Senior Development Scientist at Conidia Bioscience Ltd. and contributing to the development of innovative solutions for the detection of microbial contamination in fuels. I am also looking forward to offering technical/scientific guidance and consulting on various fuel microbiology aspects.

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