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Light conditions while Using the Fuelstat® result App.
The Fuelstat® Result reader app is ideally used under artificial light, Conidia advise that the test is interpreted by the app in a room with artificial light refrain from using the app to take readings where natural light is competing with artificial light, for example close to windows or open doorways.

Under suitable lighting conditions, the app will complete a scan within approximately 2 seconds. If the triangular warning sign appears on any of the LFDs or the LFD outlines are varying between red, green and yellow for a significant period. Do not accept any result which may eventually appear.

Instead, move to a more suitable site which has a non-conflicted overhead light source and the app will scan as designed.

The test should be read between 10 and 30 minutes after adding the sample to the test wells. However, it is recommended that should the result show moderate or heavy contamination, the paddle is re-scanned after a further 10 minutes to ensure that the test lines were fully developed.

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Beta version disclaimer
Please note that this is a beta version of Fuelstat Result and as such is still undergoing testing before its official release. Both the Fuelstat Result website and application are provided on an "as is" basis. No warranties, expressed or implied are offered by Conidia Bioscience Ltd. and the suitability and usability of the website and mobile app should be determined by the end user. If any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or any other problems are encountered, please report them immediately to us, so we can rectify them accordingly. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated.

At present it is recommended that end users turn on the camera, GPS and mobile data in the mobile app settings to ensure the data uploads between the mobile app and the website function correctly.