Welcome Ruth

We are pleased to welcome Ruth Barnes to our Team here at Conidia Bioscience, Ruth will be Joining us for the next three years as a Research Associate investigating the impact of microbial contamination in commercial aviation fuel systems – with our Research & Development Department and the University of Sheffield.

Ruth’s Project brief: Novel fuel compositions are of increasing interest to the aviation industry due to their potential in offering increased levels of efficiency and greater energy security. We will be exploring how these novel fuel compositions may influence the microbial communities that can be found in association with commercial aviation fuel systems.

We will be using a range of techniques to investigate the structure and composition of these complex microbial communities and associated extracellular polymeric substances. The overall aim of the project is to develop a greater mechanistic understanding of the processes that control biofilm formation in aviation systems. Biofilms help microorganisms survive under adverse conditions and it is likely that they play a key role in their presence within aviation systems. Using this research, we hope to develop a new range of innovative immunoassay-based products, for the aviation fuels market.

Project Overview: The project, funded by the Knowledge Transfer Programme of Innovate UK and Conidia Bioscience, is a collaboration between the research groups of Dr Rolfe and Prof Thornton at the University of Sheffield and Conidia Bioscience Ltd (Surrey), a leading developer of microbial testing kits for the fuel industry.

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