Conidia expands team of world-leading fuel microbiologists

Welcome to Madeleine Lewis

We are excited to welcome Madeleine Lewis onto our staff at Conidia Bioscience as a Research and Development Scientist and specialist in microbial ecology.

A recent Masters graduate in the emerging field of Bioinspired Innovation, with a strong background in microbiology and over 6 years’ experience in the lab, she will be joining our technical science team to strengthen our expertise in microbial ecology, hydrocarbon biodegradation and molecular microbiology.

Combining microbial expertise with an understanding of bio-innovative processes and design, she has completed research in fuel culturing, molecular biochemical techniques, next generation genetic sequencing, microbial interaction and bioinformatics. She will be able to support our goals to update and evolve our knowledge of fuel contamination dynamics and leverage it to create innovative products and solutions for microbial testing in fuels.

Madeleine joining the team further demonstrates Conidia Bioscience’s commitment to welcome new young talent to the world of fuel microbiology, developing solutions to industry and keeping their assets safe. The team of microbiologists, headed by Myrsini Chronopoulou and mentored by Dr Joan Kelley, have all been working throughout the current period, taking shifts in the lab to ensure safe working and social distancing. The industry-leading expertise they provide ensures that solutions continue to match the requirements of microbial detection with changing fuel types and wide-ranging environmental conditions.

Maddy Lewis laboratory3
Maddy Lewis (roundel)

“I strongly believe that in order to combat the ecological crisis we need to reconsider the way we are utilising our natural resources and invest in unlocking the full potential of our technology. Being smart and considering how nature solves problems such as energy transfer and waste production by using techniques such as bioinspiration and biomimicry will allow us to work towards a more profitable and sustainable future. My specialisation in microbial ecology complements these concepts as it is often a source of novel ideas, innovative processes and biotechnology.”

About Madeleine

“I have had the privilege to work in some cool labs – at UNIS in Svalbard, Tromsø (Arctic University of Norway) and Kew Gardens in London to name a few. When I haven’t been working in a lab you can usually find me up a mountain as I am also a professional ski instructor and have worked all over the world (Austria, Australia, France and Japan). I have also spent a lot of time teaching and tutoring, so I would consider myself good with communications (I actually enjoy giving presentations).

Lastly, my little 9-year-old cousin rang me last week to be the subject of his Scientist Fact File – so I have technically already been interviewed about this job!”

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