Conidia launch new series of FREE webinars

FUELSTAT® test kits, and the FUELSTAT® Result app continue to provide a growing number of clients in all corners of the globe the benefits of rapid testing with digital results.  To help aid this growth and support our clients in maximising their experience of the FUELSTAT® Solution we not only continue to expand both our team and distribution network globally but are now delighted to announce the start of a series of FREE webinars to share our knowledge and experience to help you with your microbiological fuel management decisions.

Join members of our FUELSTAT® team as we share best practice in using our FUELSTAT® Solution products to help save time & money, simplify processes and more. There are 4 webinars in the series and are all free to join and delivered across 3 sessions at times to suit you, whether you be in Asia, Europe, or the Americas.


There are 4 webinars in the series, each are “bite-size”, taking no more than around 20 minutes to share maximum information with minimal time taken out of your day:

David Armitage (roundel)
David Armitage
Owen Busch