FUELSTAT® Result – Mobile User Access

Instant verification of Result from a simple app

Mobile user access provides instant digital verification of your FUELSTAT® test result. This free to download app gives the reassurance of instant test verification, as well as storage of your last 10 tests on your smartphone.

  • Reduces risk of misinterpretation
  • Immediate visual verification of result
  • No need for additional equipment other than a smartphone
Roundel - FUELSTAT Result

FUELSTAT® Result - Mobile User Access (NEW)

This is a becoming a popular choice for new users of FUELSTAT® in many different industries. It supports solo working principles and gives accurate verification of test results that can be shared internally. Organisations DO NOT have to pre-register; users can immediately download the app and digitally verify their first test results within minutes.

To download FUELSTAT® Result mobile user instructions click here

Simply download the app from the links below, conduct a test using your FUELSTAT® Plus test kit, and scan and store your test result in the app.


Download to your device today

Simply download the app and sign in

Username:   user.mobile@conidia.com
Password:   fuelstat

(all lower case)

Fill in as much as or as little about the tank or location you are testing for future reference

Press Run and result will be displayed

Then press Done to store result into database

To download FUELSTAT® Result mobile user instructions click here

FUELSTAT® Result is hosted by Conidia Bioscience Limited and its service partners on secure servers and does not share any data with third parties. For more information please consult our privacy policy.