An airline carrier was seeking to increase the efficiency of their regular biocide programme and testing regime to identify and tackle the problem of contamination by microorganisms, as it meant the loss of several days per year and revenue generation while carrying out this vital investigation.

The airline identified its testing regime based on the Colony Forming principles as a major factor in this downtime. They were concerned with the high costs of treatment, the impact on aircraft availability, as well as the safety issues of sending aircraft into flight potentially with contamination awaiting results or by potential over treating with biocide (the ‘bugs’ develop resistance) over time.



The Solution

FUELSTAT® on-site fuel testing kits offered substantial opportunity to save costs, reduce the risk of an aircraft not being available, and by only treating aircraft that have been identified with contamination, it reduced the risk of over-treating as much as is possible.

FUELSTAT® gives results in 10 minutes in a simple to interpret format (traffic light system for results) and its long reliable track record in Aviation and other Fuel Markets gave the assurance of dependability that the airline required. The airlines also chose FUELSTAT® for its ability to be carried out in the hangar, or at line maintenance, by non-skilled workers and was not prone to cross contamination.

The Outcome

Samples from the FUELSTAT® test were as representative as possible because they were being tested almost immediately (heat is a considerable factor in changing composition of fuel samples). Additionally, as the FUELSTAT® kit required virtually no labour input, no special laboratory or conditions, it meant that the airline gained all these benefits at less than 50% of its previous costs, without taking fuel transport or lost days availability costs into account.

Now less than 5% of samples are being treated, which makes the change to FUELSTAT® testing a very good decision for the airline as it has reduced costs and improved its safety position so it can continue to offer best value without compromise to its customers.


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