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Aquafighter® Anaconda

Aquafighter® Anaconda Filter

Designed for tank openings of at least 9cm.

  • Anaconda: Designed for machines and tanks up to 20000 litres
  • Twin Anaconda: Designed for fuel stations and other large tanks up to 20000 litres
Twin Anaconda
Part Number / SKU: 999.028 999.040
Length: 150cm 300cm
Width: 9cm 9cm
Capacity: 4 litres 8 litres
Dry Weight: 510g 650g
Dry Weight w/ Box Packaging: 630g 775g
Requires opening of at least: 9cm / 3.5 inch 9cm / 3.5 inch
Recommended tank sizes: 0-20000 litres 0-20000 litres

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