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Road & Rail Transportation

Simple, Fast, Cost Effective testing

Simple, Fast, Cost Effective test for Detecting Microbial Contamination to keep your assets rolling.

With modern engines becoming more finely tuned to meet strict controls on emissions and as such more friendly to the environment, many are suffering higher levels of fuel system issues. The reductions in Sulphur and introduction of bio-content has had an impact on the ability of organisms (Diesel Bug) to thrive and as such is resulting in higher numbers of unplanned maintenance and unscheduled downtime of assets

Common issues include:

  • Filter blocking
  • Increase in number of unscheduled filter changes
  • Coating of injector heads leading to faster wear
  • Less efficient engine operation
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Fuel starvation
  • Injector failure

Microbial contamination can be very damaging to any operation if left unmonitored so whether rail or road, keeping your fleet at optimal efficiency is good for business. Imagine therefore if your fuel depot has a contamination issue, you could potentially be transferring this to each asset, every time they refuel.

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Quick, simple test with FUELSTAT®

Can you guarantee that any contamination is not passed by a fuel supplier who may unknowingly have a contaminated tank or tanker?

Indeed, can a fuel supplier guarantee the cleanliness of supply from a pipeline? The further down the supply chain you go post the sanitary environment of the refinery, the more susceptible an operation is and therefore testing is becoming increasingly important for all areas of the supply chain to ensure quality and aid efficient preventative maintenance programs to be undertaken.

ASTM D6469 standard highlights that if a sample cannot be tested on-site it should be transported on ice and tested within 4 and no more than 24hrs or the sample may no longer be a true representation of the environment from which it came.

FUELSTAT® is based on immunoassay antibody technology, which is widely used in the medical industry to rapidly and accurately detect such things as pregnancy, prostate cancer and hypoglycaemia. Put simply FUELSTAT® only searches for the specific microorganisms that are known to thrive and do damage in diesel and jet fuel.

FUELSTAT® is simple to use and learn with little that can go wrong on-site, simply add the sample to the bottle provided with the test kit, shake it, place 4 drops onto a piece of tissue to remove any fuel or particles trapped in the nozzle before adding 4 drops to each of the sample wells on the test paddle and wait 15 minutes for the results to appear. FUELSTAT® requires little instruction and little in way of rigid sterility controls except for a clean sampling jar. The components of the test kit are also recyclable; however, the fuel sample must be disposed of as per each individual organisation’s own protocol.

If you want instant verification of the result which can be sent to or received by Headquarters within minutes, then the free to download app, FUELSTAT® Result, will tell you in seconds on your smartphone device.


FUELSTAT® Result will not only enable a fully transparent and traceable audit trail to track trends and hotspots, but also provide accurate information to enable effective and more cost-efficient maintenance programs to be undertaken.

It may also assist in identifying assets which are more susceptible to microbial contamination, thus aiding increased risk management, provide greater warranty protection against fuel related issues and more importantly reduce potential downtime of assets.

Over 100,000 FUELSTAT® tests are used every year all over the globe in many highly regulated industries to monitor microbial contamination in middle distillate fuels. It is compliant with the ASTM D8070 International Standard and is used by organisations the world over from airlines to major fuel operators, from militaries to data centres to keep assets protected.