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Conidia Bioscience acquire global distribution for Aquafighter®

April 3, 2023 : We are delighted to announce the new partnership between Conidia Bioscience and DieselCare AS which sees Conidia acquire the global distribution of Aquafighter® water removal filters for Diesel and middle distillate fuels.

Effective Solutions for Fuel Quality Management

Conidia Bioscience supports the development, manufacture and supply of fuel management products into aviation, marine and land diesel sectors. FUELSTAT® test kits offer the only effective “test at the tank” solution for detection of fuel contamination types such as Jet Fuel fungus and Diesel Bug, with results in 15 minutes. Aquafighter® filters are installed in tanks to remove water, the root cause of contamination in fuel.

FUELSTAT® Innovates Microbial Fuel Testing

Thousands of organisations trust FUELSTAT® to deliver dependable results on-site in minutes anywhere in the globe.

FUELSTAT® is an immunoassay antibody fuel test for microbial contamination in diesel and jet fuels. It is simple to do, requiring minimal instruction and uses a technology where almost no matter how dirty site conditions are, a fast and dependable result is obtained in 15 minutes. In accordance with ASTM D6469, the test can be done right at the fuel tank, so the fuel being analysed does not require to be transported to a testing location, minimising delays and opportunity for cross-contamination.

FUELSTAT® comes with a free to download app that can be used on most smartphones called FUELSTAT® Result. FUELSTAT® Result verifies the manual reading of a test, records the data for record-keeping and future analysis of trends and instantly produces a pdf report for each test, anywhere on the globe. The FUELSTAT® test kit and app combine to end manual record-keeping, making it the simplest, fastest and lowest cost test on the market.

You may not currently use fuel testing kits, test only when you suspect an issue, or test regularly, maybe because of past consequences of microbial contamination or industry requirements. In sectors that use fuel or supply fuel the consequences of microbial contamination can be both costly in repairs and very costly in the downtime of the assets. Prevention is certainly better and more cost-effective than cure, so more and more organisations are turning to microbial testing to protect their assets and intervening at the earliest, and cheapest sign of fuel contamination.

Traditionally samples of fuel were sent to testing locations and results would come back days or weeks later. Now with FUELSTAT® tests are done on-site, right at the tank and results are given in minutes so any treatment of the contamination required can be done right there, right then. FUELSTAT® selectively tests for the microbial species known to cause issues, enabling fast, targeted remedial action only where required.

Avoiding costly repairs and loss of use of expensive assets is critical for owners of businesses. Having simple, lean, digital, dependable and affordable products used in the field for testing is equally important for all users and suppliers of fuel where assets may be located globally. The benefits FUELSTAT® offer are:

  • FUELSTAT® is very simple to use, just add 4 drops of sample
  • FUELSTAT® is done on-site, there and then, results in minutes
  • FUELSTAT® avoids costly transport and delays in results
  • FUELSTAT® is a very lean process from taking sample to digital recording of test in 4 steps
  • No manual recording is necessary with FUELSTAT® Result reducing paperwork and risk of errors
  • FUELSTAT® only searches for certain species of microbes that are known to grow in and do damage to fuel systems. If conditions are less than perfect this will not affect results
  • FUELSTAT® is very competitive. Requiring only a few minutes of labour, no transport and no manual record keeping it can save organisations money over more traditional, slower methods

FUELSTAT® has made this part very easy. Each FUELSTAT® kit comes with full instructions and this is translated into most major global languages. Instructional videos are also freely available to guide you for use of the test kits and of the FUELSTAT® Result app.

Conidia Bioscience will be happy to answer any questions, give live demonstrations, supply quotes and put you in touch with a local stockist. Please click here to leave details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Aquafighter® Keeps Diesel Fuel Water-Free From Inside the Tank

Aquafighter® actively removes bound, suspended and emulsified water out of diesel fuel directly in the tank and keeps it water-free at all times.

Aquafighter® is the ultimate cure for cleaning and removing water in diesel and marine fuels.

  • Captures and Eliminates Water Directly in the Tank
  • Prevents the Growth of Diesel Bug
  • Eliminates the Need for Most Additives
  • Reduces Diesel Filter Replacement by More Than 60%
  • Minimises Fuel Gelling
  • Minimises Requirment for Fuel Polishing Machines
  • Simplifies Tank and Fuel Maintenance
  • Reduces Tank Cleaning
  • Keeps Fuel “Clear & Bright” at All Times
  • Protects Tank from Corrosion
  • Over 7000 lab tests performed with 100% efficiency to under 70ppm. (90% of these tests were performed by 2 of the largest fuel producers in the world.)
  • If Water Causes It, Aquafighter® stops It!
Aquafighter® is scientifically proven in a lab, in vehicle fuel tanks as well as in fuel station tanks. Aquafighter will remove all water, purifying the diesel fuel to better-than-spec. However; if your fuel has already degraded, Aquafighter nor any other machine or magic potion is able to restore this fuel. Your best option is to get Aquafighter in your tank immediately and give yourself the absolute best fuel protection.
Aquafighter® removes and captures emulsified water from fuel as well as free water from the bottom of the fuel tank.
  • Long-term & short-term savings on maintenance and capital equipment
  • Demulsifies diesel & biodiesel blends by maintaining water level within fuel specification in the tank at all times
  • Protects fuel tank from microbial growth, corrosion and other related damages due to water accumulation
  • Non-toxic, safe to handle and safe for the environment
  • Stops the domino-effect of water damage from the tank through the fuel system to the engine
  • Manages fuel-quality and fuel tank condition better than other solutions combined

Conidia Bioscience will be happy to answer any questions, give live demonstrations, supply quotes and put you in touch with a local stockist. Please click here to leave details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Do you need a fuel test?

If your company is using or distributing fuel, you’re at risk of contamination from microbiological growth (also called microbial contamination). Recent changes to fuels designed to help the environment mean that it’s now easier for dangerous microbes to grow in tanks and engines. Serious contamination can be devastating – even simple fuel treatments cost thousands and taking your assets out of operation for treatment could cost much more.


tests sold per annum
countries globally
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major oil companies


cost reduction, less effort, less time
labour hours saved


Take control with Aquafighter®

Aquafighter® offers significant benefits for fuel tank maintenance:

  • Captures and removes free and emulsified water
  • Helps prevent diesel bug from forming
  • Works directly in the tank (no fuel removal needed)
  • Eliminates the need for most additives
  • Reduces filter replacement by around 60%
  • Reduces the need for tank cleaning
  • Protects tanks from corrosion
  • Exceeds EN590 standards – 100% efficient at reducing water to <75ppm


FUELSTAT® is simple to use but, like always, preparation is key to correct execution of the test and interpretation of the results.
This easy to follow, informative video clearly shows what you require to be ready to test and the simple steps required for correct use of the test kit:
  • Obtaining a sample of fuel and water
  • Conducting the test
  • Interpretation of the results

FUELSTAT® Result App

The FUELSTAT® Result app provides an immediate visual verification of the test result, reducing risk of misinterpretation.

FUELSTAT® Result is a free to download app available on both IOS and Android. The video takes you through the process of this easy to use and powerful app, the digital solution to your testing needs.

  • How to register for the app and how to set up the system for your organisation
  • Input information to identify the test, time and location for future reporting
  • How to scan a test and see the result displayed on your smartphone
  • How to access the portal, see your results and produce a pdf report for each test