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NEW FUELSTAT® Test Kit Contents

New kit contents and instructions from Dec 2020 production batches onwards


FUELSTAT® test kits are each packaged in sealed foil pouches and usually supplied boxed in packs of 8 kits for convenience, although can be supplied as individual foil pouch test kits if required (*minimum quantities apply).
Part number
Fuel type
FHR8-2 Aviation Jet Fuel Box of 8 FUELSTAT® test kits
HR-2-011 Aviation Jet Fuel *Individual FUELSTAT® test kits
FMD8 Diesel Fuels Box of 8 FUELSTAT® test kits
MD-011 Diesel Fuels *Individual FUELSTAT® test kits

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FUELSTAT® is sold globally through a wide range of distributors with the knowledge and network to service your needs.

Most distributors hold stock of test kits and will endeavour to service your requirements as quickly as possible.

To find your local distributor please contact us with details of your location and industry sector:

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