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About Us

Innovators in Fuel Maintenance

Conidia Bioscience research, design, develop, manufacture and globally distribute innovative solutions for maintenance of fuel systems.

Our products are designed to offer practical and easy to use, industry leading solutions to both maintain and monitor the stored fuel in your system, whether that be a fixed ground installed diesel fuel tank, or in an aircraft wing. Through simple steps of ensuring water doesn’t develop within stored fuel, and instant testing at the tank, we keep fuel contamination free and ready to use, avoiding costly remedial action and fuel system failures.


Aviation, marine and land diesel sector fuel tests

Conidia Bioscience celebrates more than 20 years of supporting the development, manufacture and supply of fuel tests into aviation, marine and land diesel sectors.

Our suite of tests detects microbiological contamination at the tank for middle distillate fuels using a fast, easy to use immunoassay antibody technology that gives results in minutes and comes with a digital platform, FUELSTAT® Result to record the results in the field digitally.

These tests, invented by Dr Joan Kelley, were initially developed as part of the international intergovernmental research and publishing organisation CABI. In 2000 Conidia Bioscience was formed and we are now supplying well over 100,000 test kits each year across the globe.

Roundel - 20th Anniversary

Aquafighter® keeps diesel fuel water-free from inside the tank

Global distributor for Aquafighter®

We are delighted to announce the new partnership between Conidia Bioscience and DieselCare AS which sees Conidia acquire the global distribution of Aquafighter® water removal filters for Diesel and middle distillate fuels.


FUELSTAT® test kits and Aquafighter® water filters are widely available via global distributors and resellers:

FUELSTAT® Resinae Plus

FUELSTAT® Resinae Plus, compliant with ASTM D8070, leads the field in the Airline sector. These simple to use and reliable test kits are recommended by IATA.

FUELSTAT® Diesel Plus

In marine and land diesel we are rapidly becoming the market leader in fast, easy to use fuel testing with our FUELSTAT® Diesel Plus testing kits. Our global marine distributor and strategic distribution partner networks are growing in industry sectors all equally reliant on fuels and their cleanliness.


Reliable, easy & robust

Our client base includes the world’s largest commercial airlines, globally renowned ship chandlers and surface fleet users across rail, road and agricultural sites.

From its beginnings within the Aviation industry FUELSTAT® has grown into a product synonymous for being reliable, easy to use, robust and that can be used anywhere at any time in numerous other industries such as marine vessels, offshore platforms, military operations on land, sea and air, fuel stations, power generation, fuel storage and fleet management for both fuel and asset management.

Conidia continue to lead the market in developing cost-effective microbial testing solutions through its pioneering research team.