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Benefits for Commercial Aviation

A revolution in fuel testing: TRIED.TESTED.TRUSTED.

Thousands of organisations trust FUELSTAT® to deliver dependable results on-site in minutes anywhere in the globe.

Reduced Risk of AOG

Rapid results in 15 minutes means remedial action can be taken immediately, with less risk of operational aircraft having to be removed from service on receipt of laboratory test result days later.
Warsaw, Poland -17/03/2020: Airlines Coronavirus, LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787's grounded at Warsaw chopin Airport due to the global pandemic

Less Management, Training, Supervision

Simple to learn, simple to do… 4-stage process completed under wing. There are no in-hangar controls required for sterility, sampling and handling, which results in a lean one-person process, with no impact on reliability of results.
FUELSTAT solo working

Certainty in Results

FUELSTAT® removes the risk of cross-contaminated samples. With other tests, failure to follow stringent sterility controls in hangar and sample transportation risks misleading results, potentially causing unnecessary, and quite high, maintenance costs.
FUELSTAT Advantage2 (light)

Easy three-step process for on-site FUELSTAT® testing:

It really is as simple as 1,2,3:

Step 1

Test with FUELSTAT® Plus, placing 4 fuel sample drops into each of the 6 test wells


Step 2

Scan the kit with the FUELSTAT® Result app on your smartphone

FUELSTAT Result (computer screen)

Step 3

Get a Full Analysis Report from the app on the FUELSTAT® Result Portal, with all results stored for later retrieval and analysis.

The FUELSTAT® Plus test is sold in over 130 countries globally

and is compliant with International Standard ASTM D8070. It has been used worldwide by over 400 airlines.