FUELSTAT® Result App

Instant Verification of Result from a Simple App

FUELSTAT® Plus comes with a FREE App that verifies the result instantly after the test has been completed. It is available on iOS and Android.

For full flexibility we now offer two options for using the app, but both are designed to give users the unique digital experience of verification of FUELSTAT® test results almost instantly using an easy to use application on your smartphone. The way you use the app is down to each individual organisation.

FUELSTAT Result user comparison table

FUELSTAT® Result - Mobile User (NEW)

This is a becoming a popular choice for new users of FUELSTAT® in many different industries. It supports solo working principles and gives accurate verification of test results that can be shared internally. Organisations DO NOT have to pre-register; users can immediately download the app and digitally verify their first test results within minutes.

FUELSTAT® Result & Report

The full user experience of FUELSTAT® Result & Report allows organisations instant access to test results conducted anywhere around the globe. Once the company is registered, the person in charge can add, delete or change users at any time. Those registered users get the same instant digital verification of the test results. Managers have access to the Report portal to track test results across all of their assets in real time.


Download and register your device and organisation today


FUELSTAT® Result is hosted by Conidia Bioscience Limited and its service partners on secure servers and does not share any data with third parties. For more information please consult our privacy policy.