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FUELSTAT® Result App

Instant Verification of Result from a Simple App

FUELSTAT® Plus comes with an App that verifies the result instantly after the test has been completed. It is available on IOS and Android.

The way you use the app is down to each individual organisation. Once the company is registered, the person in charge can add, delete or change testers at any time.

FUELSTAT® Result holds your test result information confidential in line with our privacy policy, including inbuilt levels of security. More details available on our registration page:

Roundel - FUELSTAT Result


If you want instant verification of the result which can be sent or received back on shore within minutes, then the free to download app FUELSTAT® Result will tell you in seconds on your smartphone device.
  • Reduces risk of misinterpretation
  • Immediate visual verification of result
  • No need for additional equipment other than a smartphone
  • Fully detailed report can be instantly produced in PDF format


Download and register your device and organisation today


Simply download the app and sign in

Fill in as much as or as little about the tank or location you are testing for future reference

Press Run and result will be displayed

Add Notes

Then press Share to store result into database