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The Benefits of FUELSTAT®

A revolution in fuel testing: TRIED.TESTED.TRUSTED.

Thousands of organisations trust FUELSTAT® to deliver dependable results on-site in minutes anywhere in the globe.


Test at the Tank” technology.
FUELSTAT®, the 15-minute test to detect microbial contamination in fuel.
15 mins


Requiring only 4 drops in 6 wells FUELSTAT® is simple to learn, simple to do and simple to interpret. Requires no previous scientific training or experience and no extra equipment.
FUELSTAT solo working (3 Simple to Use)


Advanced 21st Century Antibody Technology means FUELSTAT® is the only true on-site test that gives dependable results in minutes even in the dirtiest conditions. Just as pregnancy tests only detect the markers of human chorionic gonadotropin and ignores other microorganisms, FUELSTAT® only searches for the markers of fuel contamination species and ignores all other microbes that may be present but pose no threat to fuel systems and structures.

Data Driven

FREE paperless data management software. From sample to detailed certificate on your desk in less than 15 minutes for reactive management and trend analysis.
FUELSTAT solo working (4 Digital Result App)

Solo Working

The test kit contains all you need, just a clean sample jar is needed, the instructional videos can be watched at the tank on any smartphone, the test is done simply in minutes and reading the test results manually is simple or we have the option of an app that will read the test and record results in seconds. Ideal for sole workers working in remote locations.
Engineer in Safety vest Working on Computer in Aircraft Maintenance Hangar

Lowest Cost of Result

FUELSTAT® needs only a few minutes labour to give result. It is by far the lowest cost testing method as it does not require any special conditions for sterility, transport of a hazardous good to a testing facility, skilled labour and an equipped laboratory.
FUELSTAT Advantage (light)


Because FUELSTAT® is done at the tank it allows organisations to easily conform to, effectively remove the problem of, following the guidelines in ASTM D6469 Section 8.5 relating to fuel handling, transport of fuel and time restraints on testing.
FUELSTAT Compliance (light)


Tried, Tested & Trusted by over 400 customers in commercial aviation alone and used worldwide by fuel users and fuel suppliers in marine, back power generation, upstream and downstream fuel supply and exploration, and transport.
FUELSTAT Statistics (light)

Easy three-step process for on-site FUELSTAT® testing:

It really is as simple as 1,2,3:

Step 1

Test with FUELSTAT® Plus, placing 4 fuel sample drops into each of the 6 test wells


Step 2

Scan the kit with the FUELSTAT® Result app on your smartphone

FUELSTAT Result (computer screen)

Step 3

Get a Full Analysis Report from the app on the FUELSTAT® Result Portal, with all results stored for later retrieval and analysis.

The FUELSTAT® Plus test is sold in over 130 countries globally

and is compliant with International Standard ASTM D8070. It has been used worldwide by over 400 airlines