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Aquafighter® Fuel Station Mat / Depot

Aquafighter® Fuel Station Mat & Depot Filters

  • Fuel Station Mat: Designed for fuel stations and other large tanks more than 15000 litres with manhole access of at least 30cm
  • Depot: Designed for depot and terminal tanks that are at least 9 meters high and have at least 30cm manhole access. The Aquafighter Depot is designed to hang above the “free water” level to remove bound water only
Fuel Station Mat
Part Number / SKU: 999.042 999.030
Length: 200cm 800cm
Width: 100cm 50cm
Capacity: 40 litres 60 litres
Dry Weight: 2,800g
Dry Weight w/ Box Packaging: 3,200g 11,110g
Requires opening of at least: 30cm / 12 inch 30cm / 12 inch
Recommended tank sizes: > 15000 litres

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