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jet fuel microbial contamination

All users of jet fuel in aviation have risks of microbial contamination and FUELSTAT® is an excellent solution for not only detecting microbial contamination at its earliest and easiest to treat stage, before serious operational and/or safety issues appear, but also to monitor trends.

FUELSTAT® is used across many aspects of the aviation business wherever jet fuel is the fuel source:

  • Regular testing of wing and middle tanks for contamination by operators as per Aircraft Maintenance Manuals and/or IATA guidelines
  • Testing of wing tanks and middle tanks as part of MIC (Microbially Induced Corrosion) Program
  • De-fuelling of aircraft prior to maintenance
  • Testing of customers aircraft if you are an MRO or an FBO at maintenance visit
  • Testing of fuel prior to it being loaded onto aircraft
Roundel - Aircraft technicians with Fuelstat paddle

rapid testing at wing

FUELSTAT® offers rapid testing at wing with instant data management for all aviation needs anywhere in globe.

From sample to detailed Analysis Report in less than 15 minutes is a major breakthrough in both speed to result and customer service not previously available on the marketplace at an extremely attractive cost.

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FUELSTAT® 15-minute aviation fuel test kit

Immunoassay antibody testing for all known microbes that are dangerous to fuel.