NEW FUELSTAT® Test Kit Contents

New kit contents and instructions from Dec 2020 production batches onwards

Fuel testing kit: from sample to digital report in 15 minutes

FUELSTAT® is an immunoassay antibody fuel test kit for microbe detection. It can be used wherever Fuel is manufactured, stored, sold or used.

Unlike traditional tests, FUELSTAT® only finds micro-organisms that do damage to fuel.

With FUELSTAT®, tests take as little as 15 minutes, unlike current growth-based tests that need at least 72 hours. With easy-to-understand alert levels, you instantly know whether you need to take further action.

The process is self-contained, requiring no additional equipment—just a single FUELSTAT® fuel testing kit for each test. It’s so easy to use, that a single individual can carry out the tests with only minimal training.

FUELSTAT® PLUS test kits are available for Jet and Diesel fuels


FUELSTAT® test kits are each packaged in sealed foil pouches and usually supplied boxed in packs of 8 kits for convenience, although can be supplied as individual foil pouch test kits if required (*minimum quantities apply).
Part number
Fuel type
FHR8-2 Aviation Jet Fuel Box of 8 FUELSTAT® test kits
HR-2-011 Aviation Jet Fuel *Individual FUELSTAT® test kits
FMD8 Diesel Fuels Box of 8 FUELSTAT® test kits
MD-011 Diesel Fuels *Individual FUELSTAT® test kits
Roundel - Aircraft technicians with Fuelstat paddle

FUELSTAT® Plus: dependable results, even in the dirtiest conditions

FUELSTAT® provides the lowest cost to result of any test on the market. The ONLY true on-site test that gives dependable results even in the dirtiest of conditions.
  • Ultra simple test that requires 4 drops of sample
  • 15 minutes to result as opposed to 4-7 days!
  • Unique immunoassay antibody technology
  • Detects only specific microorganisms
  • Carried out on site, so complying with ASTM D6469 – testing for contamination within 24 hours
  • Avoids time delays and expense associated with sample transportation to laboratory

Easy three-step process for on-site FUELSTAT® testing:

It really is as simple as 1,2,3:

Step 1

Test with FUELSTAT® Plus, placing 4 fuel sample drops into each of the 6 test wells


Step 2

Scan the kit with the FUELSTAT® Result app on your smartphone

FUELSTAT Result (computer screen)

Step 3

Get a Full Analysis Report from the app on the FUELSTAT® Result Portal, with all results stored for later retrieval and analysis.

The FUELSTAT® Plus test is sold in over 130 countries globally

and is compliant with International Standard ASTM D8070. It has been used worldwide by over 400 airlines