Global traceability of testing

As an administrator for your company, FUELSTAT® Report gives you instant access to all tests performed and registered by your team anywhere in the World via the  FUELSTAT® Result app.
  • Traceability of testing
  • Identification of hotspots for planning
  • Proof of test, proof of result, proof of method
Roundel - FUELSTAT Report
FUELSTAT Result (report)


Users of FUELSTAT® Report get to view their organisation’s results and produce instant results.

FUELSTAT® Report is the portal where users of the system get to view their results and organise them, via Excel, in easy and useful ways. They also get to store or print a pdf file which gives exact details of each test in a separate Analysis Report. Users can get real time updates on testing and use data to analyse trends, hotspots etc.

  • Users access portal via secure https:// site
  • Instantly view results from anywhere on globe
  • Export into Excel at any time
  • File or print Analysis Reports

The FUELSTAT® Result & Report Portal holds your test result information confidential in line with our privacy policy, including inbuilt levels of security. More details available on our registration page: