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Hammonds – How to use FUELSTAT®

FUELSTAT® - How to use

Welcome to Hammonds customers, here you will find instructions on how to use FUELSTAT® test kits for fast and accurate detaction of microbiological contaminations as part of your Diesel fuel quality and management process.

FUELSTAT® test kits have been designed for ease of use and consistency of result. The technology used is common with many forms of medical test kits and should be easy to understand and interpret the results. Like many processes it might take a little instruction for first use and when not used for a while.

FUELSTAT® instructions

FUELSTAT® Plus training video (NEW)

FUELSTAT® Result app training video


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FUELSTAT® webinar series

Our fuel testing experts share our experience and best practice using our products, saving time & money, industry trends and more. The following “bite-size” webinars are presented in English, with straightforward and easy to understand content, taking no more than around 20 minutes. Complete your details below to access the following webinar recordings to watch now:

  • Best practices for sampling & handling fuels for testing
  • The science behind FUELSTAT® test kits
  • Digital solution for test results & trend analysis
  • Protect your tanks with efficient testing & treatment
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