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Product Bulletin: NEW FUELSTAT® Result app

NEW version of the FUELSTAT® Result app & Report portal

We listen to our customer feedback and continue to develop the app and portal that is designed for use by all customers with a unique full digital test solution. The app has been redesigned from the ground up for greater speed of response and reliability of result, but retaining familiarity for existing FUELSTAT® Result app users. We have now seen a 400% increase in usage of the app to verify FUELSTAT® test results.


NEW FUELSTAT® Result Lite gives new users the option to download and use the app to verify their first test, without requiring registration. Get your result and report on your phone within minutes with no need to login (for portal access login credentials are required).

To fully support new FUELSTAT® users step-by-step video instructions are available to follow in the app. The app can now be used to support correct use of the test kits through all stages, from fuel sampling through to test verification.

NEW alert levels for borderline results

Alert levels for borderline results are now included to indicate where results classed as Negligible or Moderate are getting close to the threshold for a higher level of contamination. This valuable information influences future re-test and maintenance schedules to avoid costly remedial action, keeping assets in operation and saving time and money.

PDF Report

PDF Reports are now generated inside the app enabling a professional report to be printed or sent anywhere around the world within minutes of conducting the test

Fuelstat Result (report)

Enhanced Report portal features

The FUELSTAT® Report portal is available for registered users of the app. The portal has been rebuilt using the latest software to increase the speed of use. Stand-out features amongst the array of improvements include the ability of managers to edit and archive results, as well as clearer, more detailed presentation of the test results to aid those looking to analyse trends in contamination levels across their assets

Extra cost?

No. The app remains free to download, and the full version of FUELSTAT® Result with the Report portal is free for any organisation to register, with the full suite of management controls that now offers.


PDF Instruction Leaflets

PDF instruction leaflets are available for all users for both the new FUELSTAT® Result app & Report portal, as well as the FUELSTAT® test kits

Video Instructions

Easy to follow video instructions for new FUELSTAT® Result app & Report portal, as well as the FUELSTAT® test kits

Customer support

Conidia’s sales, customer service and technical support teams are here to assist with registering your organisation for full Portal access as well as any general queries

Request your free FUELSTAT® Result demo

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