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Product Bulletin: NEW FUELSTAT® kit contents and instructions

Changes to FUELSTAT® test kit contents and instructions valid from Dec 2020 production batches B2005 / A2006 onwards

Principal changes to FUELSTAT® test kits

  • We now recommend that a 1 Litre fuel sample is taken, agitated using a swirling motion and left to settle for 12-15 mins before starting the FUELSTAT® test
  • All water or fuel phase samples should be extracted from near the bottom of the 1L sample using the syringe and extraction tube now supplied in each kit
  • An alcohol wipe and updated instructions are included in the kit to help minimise the risk of cross contamination

Swirl 1 Litre fuel sample

Leave to settle for 12-15 mins

What advantages do these updates mean for users of FUELSTAT®?

  • Repeatability and reliability of testing are improved with new kit contents and clear updated instructions
  • More accuracy and consistency of results from outlying locations, regardless of operator experience and working conditions
  • Easier to use with enhanced kit contents and a simple process for water phase or fuel phase test samples

Extra cost?

  • No. Free of charge, included in the kit.


PDF Instruction Leaflets

Multiple language PDF instruction leaflets are available for all users

Video Instructions

Easy to follow video instructions with subtitles in multiple languages

Customer support

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