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Conidia Bioscience acquire global distribution for Aquafighter®

Conidia Bioscience acquire global distribution for Aquafighter®

We are delighted to announce the new partnership between Conidia Bioscience and DieselCare AS which sees Conidia acquire the global distribution of Aquafighter® water removal filters for Diesel and middle distillate fuels.

The Aquafighter range of products are well established across a number of industries, providing lab-verifiable industry-leading results for Mining & Construction Sites, Marine Craft, Bus & Transport Fleets, Diesel-powered Backup Power Generators, Fuel Depots & Terminals, Agriculture and other Diesel Operations. Available in options to suit all sizes of tank, the Aquafighter media in each filter is designed to remove free and entrained water, creating high quality, on-spec diesel, purified to and maintained at less than 60ppm water without the use of chemical additives.

The problems associated with water in fuel is well known in the industry, providing the environment for Microbial Contamination, which can lead to tank corrosion, blocked filters and fuel intake injectors, and other engine issues. Conidia’s FUELSTAT test kits have rapidly become the prefered solution for instant, at the tank testing for Microbial Contamination. Now with Aquafighter there is a combined solution to not only test for contamination, but also prevent the root cause of this microbial growth, water in fuel.

This new partnership sees DieselCare remain focused on their on-site customer fuel maintenance services, whilst the joined network of existing Aquafighter and FUELSTAT distributors provide an outstanding network of Global customer support, managed by Conidia. Through this new relationship both companies are dedicated to maintaining existing product supply, whilst offering improved levels of customer service with the addition of US stockholding and access into new markets via a global salesforce.

Leif Friestad (roundel)

Leif J Friestad – Managing Director
Conidia Bioscience

Per Jahnsrud – Managing Director