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FUELSTAT® - How to use

Welcome, here you will find instructions on how to use FUELSTAT® test kits for fast and accurate detection of microbiological contaminations as part of your fuel quality and management process.

FUELSTAT® test kits have been designed for ease of use and consistency of result. The technology used is common with many forms of medical test kits and should be easy to understand and interpret the results. Like many processes it might take a little instruction for first use and when not used for a while.


We are often asked to outline the advantages of using on-site test kits in place of shipping samples to laboratories for testing. When both processes are compared, in theory the results are the same, i.e. a full report on the status of your fuel in relation to Microbiological Contamination. In practice there are huge differences in terms of time and expense:

  • FUELSTAT® test completed at the tank and a digital report available in less than 30 minutes using the free FUELSTAT® Result app
  • Laboratory test report takes typically 4-7 days, or more in many cases

Click on the following link to find out more to help you with your future decision making for your fuel maintenance:


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Your FREE FUELSTAT® sample test kit

We firmly believe that our FUELSTAT® test kits are the most convenient and accurate solution to determine the exact status of your stored fuel and give you the piece of mind to continue to operate safely. We think you will agree, which is why we are offering operators who are managing fuel systems the opportunity to try before you buy, with a FREE sample delivered to you.

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