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Marine Fuels Webinar Week

The case for adopting biofuels in the next five years

February 24, 2022
Pierre Poitras (roundel)

Pierre Poitras, Technical Consultant, Conidia Bioscience

Conidia Bioscience are delighted to be invited to joint the expert panel speaking at this webinar hosted by Riviera Marine Media Ltd as part of this week long event.

The maritime industry’s appetite for biofuels is reflected in marine engine development and successful sea-going trials of both biofuel blends and pure biofuels. CBH Group and Oldendorff Carriers Australia’s first biofuel-powered grain ship is preparing to set sail while Maersk Tankers and BP have completed a successful test of biofuel as a drop-in-fuel with no modification to the engine or infrastructure.

Conidia, who supply the industry leading FUELSTAT® test kits for microbiological growth in marine fuels, will be discussing how the higher levels of biofuel in marine fuel blends can lead to increased water entrainment, with a greater potential for MBG. Operators should now be considering the use of test kits, such as FUELSTAT® as part of their regular monitoring regime.


  • Yousef El Bagoury, Naval Architect, CSL Group
  • Michael Banning, Technical Consultant Fuel Specialist and Surveyor, Exponent International
  • Pierre Poitras, Technical Consultant, Conidia Bioscience
Thur 24 February
14:00-14:45 GMT

If you would like to find out more about the issues surrounding microbial contamination, then see here: