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Introducing…FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS DIESEL fuel test.

The FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS DIESEL  is an on site fuel testing kit which detects the ‘Diesel Bug’ in 10 minutes!

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This onsite fuel test can be conducted wherever fuel is manufactured, stored, distributed or consumed. What makes this product unique is that it is capable of detecting all known organisms which grow in fuel and in fuel systems within just 10 minutes, unlike current growth-based tests, which require a minimum of 72 hours to provide any results.


The objective of this test is to provide rapid screening of fuel samples, giving a quick and accurate assessment of microbiological growth in the fuel tank. It measures the amount of active growth in the sample and provides actions and alert levels. All of this is achieved from the one FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS test kit and does not require any special skills or equipment.

Animated Instructions


Test Contents
Each heat sealed foil pouch contains a Paddle with desiccant sachet and pipette in one section and Sample Extraction Bottle with flat cap, dropper cap and instructions for use in the other section.

diesel test

Diesel Fuel Test Kit | Conidia Bioscience

• Paddle: Plastic base with 6 lateral flow devices affixed
• Preparation Bottles: 175ml plastic bottle with flat cap and “dropper” cap containing 3.0ml of Sample Extraction Liquid
• Disposable, single use, plastic pipette
• Instruction leaflet

Storage and Stability

•No special transport precautions
•Store below 30°C
•Use between 10° and 30°C
•Do not use after the stated expiry date
•Long term freezing is not recommended

Warnings and Precautions

•Caution should be exercised in the handling of fuel or other hazardous materials in accordance with Health and Safety procedures.

•Optimum results will be obtained by strict adherence to this protocol.

•Each paddle is disposable. Use only once.

•The paddle in the foil pack should be kept sealed until ready for use. Once the foil pack is opened the shelf life of the device is not guaranteed.  It should be used as soon as possible.

•The viewing window of the test device should not be touched.

•The paddle should be kept dry at all times. DO NOT USE if any of the devices become wet.

•If the paddle appears damaged, scratched or marked in any way please contact Conidia Bioscience.