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Asia-Pacific Shipping Forum

Conidia Bioscience present online at Asia-Pacific Shipping Forum

Pierre Poitras (roundel)

Pierre Poitras, Technical Consultant, Conidia Bioscience

Conidia Bioscience were delighted to be invited to speak at the Asia – Pacific Shipping Forum, which for 2020 was held online. This move allowed more participants than ever to be able to share in this event, bringing together shipowners, ship managers, ship builders, shipyards, ports, equipment manufacturers and technology companies in order to share good practices, exchange ideas and establish critical connections in the industry.

Conidia, who supply the industry leading FUELSTAT® test kits for microbiological growth in marine fuels, discussed how IMO 2020 and COVID-19 make a ‘perfect storm’ for marine operators. Combined they create an unprecedented risk of microbial contamination in the marine industry where many operators are now turning to FUELSTAT® test kits as part of the solution. We have included the full recording of this 21 minute presentation for you to view.

If you would like to find out more about the issues surrounding microbial contamination, then see here: