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Jet Fuel Microbial Testing Webinar


On 9th June 2020 A4A, IATA, and JIG hosted 2 free webinar sessions for all parties interested in the issues of Jet Fuel Microbial Testing. Over 1,000 registrants attended, spread over these 2 x 2½ hour on-line sessions, to hear the latest information available to industry.

In this unprecedented period there is an increased risk of microbiological contamination in jet fuel. These unique webinars allowed attendees to learn the proper use of IATA recommended microbial testing kits. Each kit manufacturer provided a simple “how-to” instruction, followed by a short Q&A.

Conidia Bioscience were very pleased to be invited to present their FUELSTAT® fuel testing kits and Result app solution during these webinars.

We have included a recording here of the full webinar for those who wish watch again, or couldn’t join the original presentation.

There were many questions posed to the presenters during both sessions showing the significant interest in the topics discussed. Unfortunately there wasn’t sufficient opportunity to answer all of your questions during the allocated time, so we have taken those off-line and created a page of frequently asked questions see here:

If you would like to find out more about the issues surrounding microbial contamination in Jet fuels, and the IATA listed FUELSTAT® solution, then see here:

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