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FUELSTAT® Launches NEW Simplified App to Aid Solo Working When Fuel Testing

Conidia Bioscience, makers of market leading FUELSTAT® microbial contamination fuel test kits, has added to its already very successful and valued FUELSTAT® Result app with NEW mobile user access to aid solo working. These simple and fast test kits avoid the need for external laboratories and resultant time delays. The FUELSTAT® Result app allows instant digital verification of the test results for solo workers, with the total process from sample to verified test result taking just 15 minutes, a key factor in our ever-changing world.

Supporting Solo Working

FUELSTAT® is currently gaining many new customers with its ability to be performed at the tank by one person. In response to current working situations, many users would benefit from having the result of the test verified digitally, without the need for registration and access to the detailed reports offered currently within the full version of the FUELSTAT® Result app.

Introducing FUELSTAT® Mobile User

  1. Download the app onto your smartphone from iOS or Google Play.
  2. Input the new generic log in
  3. No need to put any identification details on organisation or asset details, so information is anonymous
  4. Scan test and get result
  5. Take a screenshot and send to Manager
Roundel - FUELSTAT Result with paddle
  • The tester sees only data from their own last 10 results recorded on their smartphone, no data from their tests is seen by any other individual.
  • Simple, useful, safe addition to the already very successful FUELSTAT® product line, that makes the task of testing that much easier, especially in these difficult times.
  • Please click here for more information.

If you have any questions on this, or any subject regarding microbial fuel testing, please contact us here, or use the live chat on the website.